Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


OMG now it is like SO MUCH easier to make a purchase of Cosmic Dooky.  Get it through my (new!) bandcamp = 
OR just hit me up at

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New House Mix from dj Rom_Com JUST DO IT®

CH Rom's Rom_Com presents Rubber 5k, a delight and a disgust. Rubber 5k is a turnt-diagonal house mix designed for hokey-pokeying everywhere from the car to the exercise bike to your tropical apartment space. Featuring original tracks by Rom_Com himself as well as compatriotz C Powers and TWINS.  I will play your app launch party today! Just call or mail in your credit card number in the next 24 hours, and Rom_Com will help turn your accounts receivable cocktail party into a chud sauna.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Oh, the fumes! Dig this special delivery of the stinkiest order: CH Rom and the CH Rom Band's Cosmic Dooky is now available for purchase or loan.  It is a compact disc packed to the brim and stuffed to the diaper-seams with action, reaction and emotion. A half-hour and 9 (nine) songs about lovers, fiends, hippies, slobs, yuppies, punks, moms and dads.
Featuring the physical and spiritual labor of:
CH Rom Himself
Bob "Andrea" Kat
KF (or "KZ" for short) Boohoo
Roxy Hilton
Joe "Call Me" Miller-Gamble

Cosmic Dooky is a labor of love we are proud to see finally baked and bedazzled.  The sound has been digested and processed to perverted perfection by the inimitable artist and sculptor C Powers, and the package product has been dusted and greased by CH Rom Himself® and features the visual talents of Jake Braff, Katherine Finkelstein, Amanda Lanning and Sophie Stone. Package comes with scrumptious poster (small but great!) and full lyrics (unabridged).
Look at this depraved plaidhep beatslob chewing on the product in all its glitz:

Cosmic Dooky (yes!) can be purchased or loaned by contacting Rom through his computer at or through his portable landline at (678) 362 1210.
Let us celebrate the last gasp of '13 with a fresh taste.
Enjoy the crisp, re-Saran®wrapped "Dear Community" redux:

Friday, December 20, 2013

"Busy":::A Taste of CH Rom and The Rom Band's Cosmic Dooky

This year's object-de-global-anticipation, CH Rom's Cosmic Dooky, has arrived.  With a promotional advance copy already in the hands of some lucky sweepstake winners and insatiable Rom fiends, it is slated for official market release on December 31st, 2013. We celebrate the imminent unveiling of the big stink with "Busy", a first taste of the heaping majesty to come.  "Busy" is a reflection on the blessed privilege of attaining self-discovery though enrollment in the Creative Class Members Club (a common formative experience).  A first-person narrative hero-lyric, "Busy" both invokes wisdom of the ancient past and provides leading-edge wisdom for today's workplace. 
Some accolades for this great work:

"Too up in your own business to have CH Rom's 'Busy' on repeat indefinitely at eviction-worthy volumes as you work high-stakes data aggregation from home?  Think outside the jewel case--you can have it both ways." 
Maurice Bower,

"'Busy' is 2013's answer to 'Wrecking Ball'….the swirl shall never slow, and heavy rotation shall never be the same."
Pau Sté, http://www.pau-ste'

"The white Beatles"
Mike Linn, The National Review

"Hi! I made $70k a month working from home"

From the heart and through the eyes of the chicken comes this delicate passion poetry, this dispatch from that clucking and cooing animated fatty tissue at the center of the universe.  The flesh of the chicken is a prismatic datalog of Generation Axebox360's vicissitudes and tribulations, storing and beaming back to us our woes and dreams and agonies and desires.  In today's landscape of cheap appstacy and hep kapital, you are what you eat.  Just remember, True Inspiration® never comes out the way it went in, and the wind only whispers when it has something good to say.
Yours truly,
Mr. The Ch.iKon

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CH Rom and Band "Dear Community"

There's a time that comes for all young adults, when one must say "sorry".  This song is a tribute to the power of the apologia in turning enemies into friends.  Make the transition from debtor to suitor now and own the hearts of your peers when you sing to them "the new CH Rom song."  There's a sweet diamond in every bad apple and unlimited credit at the end of the rainbow, if I had to say it's about one thing.  Give someone close to you a listen; it's got a great "today's beat" sort of quality, but it's also deep with the emotions. Featuring all four reptillian agents of the Rom thinktrust.®®®†††

Consult CH at for more information/stimulation.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

****CH Rom "(He's) Waiting"****

CH Rom & band bring us a brand new piece called "(He's) Waiting" about a vampire man, a cologne shower enthusiast, a silky smooth parasitic homie-ghost sporting fedora and midnight gown at any time of the day.  This also marks the studio debut of the full Rom band, as seen posing and working hard above.  From L to R: Roxy Hilton, guitarshred and vocals; CH Rom, vocals, orchestra, deep poetry; KF Boo-Hoo, vocals and choir direction; Andrea "Bob Kat" Schiavelli, vocals and keyboardshred.  
We sing and dance in a special way---please invite us to your live event so we can move you with our stinky majesty and corporeal opulence.

Please enjoy our newest single>>>>>