Friday, January 14, 2011

Ways To Reach The Flesh

Call it a delivery, from the vom swan, priced at 7 trillion credits to the New Digital Republic plus half your available memory (childhood and prior); other offers available through myomnivaluation, a new online payservice that can exchange any portion of your soul for a generous administration of ego spam. I'd buy that for a dollar!

****Rom, in commitment to enervation and oversaturation, spreads the swan's wings in a grand media dump that harkens hope for the damaged and over-synsexed cyber ID. This is a message straight from the core of the mirage, to all you screen suckers taking deep rips off your 256 million tone displays and suffering the metallic taste left over from all that googlejam psychedelic shrapnel. Feast yr crusty eyes on this wasteheap of teary tales and sentimental slopjobs that says WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE with a straight face. Rider's Choice is the new data reel from CH-Rom, and it's a compendium of songs about leaving the nets, breaking yr sociopathological-promotional ties, and hitting the road. Burn yr debit card for fuel and head out to where the pavement turns to the matrix of the mind.
My next post will explain how to ask, beg, trade, and offer credits for this product. For now, a piece [web-friendly, work-safe]:

Rider's Choice [xcerpt] by CH-Rom