Sunday, December 30, 2012

****CH Rom "(He's) Waiting"****

CH Rom & band bring us a brand new piece called "(He's) Waiting" about a vampire man, a cologne shower enthusiast, a silky smooth parasitic homie-ghost sporting fedora and midnight gown at any time of the day.  This also marks the studio debut of the full Rom band, as seen posing and working hard above.  From L to R: Roxy Hilton, guitarshred and vocals; CH Rom, vocals, orchestra, deep poetry; KF Boo-Hoo, vocals and choir direction; Andrea "Bob Kat" Schiavelli, vocals and keyboardshred.  
We sing and dance in a special way---please invite us to your live event so we can move you with our stinky majesty and corporeal opulence.

Please enjoy our newest single>>>>>

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SKYMALL PREMIERE: Outer Space Junk pts. 1&2

Whooooaaa there! Ryan of the Punks on Mars speaking here. Time for some more of those crunchy munchy chubsy wubbsies from the folks over here at Outer Space Radio, 101.marz FM, bringing you the finest foley this side of the galaxy.  If u smell something stinkywinky might wanna check your speakers! So sit down with a double beige and enjoy this spaz junk-operetta, on us.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rom_Com & Cc "Buttbrain Alpha"

CH Rom presents Rom_Com, a full-bodied house-music product machine.  He does what we tell him to do, and tonight he unveils stinky shiny masterpieces forged from collaborations with dance stud Cc.  Rom_Com and Cc want your credit card information because they are looking to release tonight's piece "Buttbrain Alpha" on an international format, such as vinyl record.  If you're not feeling fleshy and fun when you listen to "Buttbrain Alpha", then we haven't done our job and we want to hear from you!  
Other side coming soon.