Friday, November 30, 2012

Skymall Returns; High-Temp.+ Soaking New Single by CH Rom "Puke For Love"!

Finally, the expulsive love song that you hear everyone shouting about, "Puke For Love".  The gameshow wheel of pleasure, pain and unbeatable prices spins on, a trillion souls trapped and rolling along inside, knowing full well the termination of their credit d'amour and yet screaming for more.  Puke For Love is a fair trade; everybody wins.  This one's a tribute to the gr8st hurt of all, y'all.

Sky Mall would like to welcome back our listeners, viewers and readers with the first in a pair of high-impact singles.  CH Rom has been slopping away in his lavish scented home studio, trying a little harder each day to bring you the golden product.  Now, CH enjoys the warm aid of other/new/nastier Roms:
Roxy Hilton aka "Rox Rom"
Bob-Katt "Bob Rom"
KZ Boo-Hoo "K Rom"
Tonight's love song is one we are deeply pleased to deposit upon u.

Lyrics & Passionate/Compelling Behind-The-Scenes available upon direct request!   Same goes for Down-Loads and other ephemera and lifetime merchandise.