Wednesday, June 15, 2011


PIMPLES IN 3D SNEEK PEEK by Ratgum Records
Surge Radio #1, Mars: 3:17am. These were the only recovered segments of last night's broadcast, sent from a hacked Blackberry in Surge City, Mars. For those of you who don't know, Surge City, Mars is a haven for low-life, gel-huffing, pierced perverts that have nothing better to do than listen to the punk music, get tattoos and suck up the planet's artificial atmosphere. Studies show that rats, exposed to this noise continuously over 45 minutes grew metal spikes, black leather dermis and secreted draino™. Expat recording artist, Ryan Howe known for work with the so-called Punks n Mars, is said to have produced these tracks with a street-glitter backing band in Surge City. Howe himself, though not seen by earthling eyes in over 2 years, has undergone mutations similar to those seen in the lab rats. We present this excerpt for educational purposes only! Proceed to these online novelty shops (here or here) to purchase all 36 minutes of this transmission on professionally recorded cassette.

Friday, June 10, 2011

CH-Rom !LIVE! *VIDEO* Fabulous!

A final faded transmission from the Celebrity Rehab Center located in the heart of Neo Bk, 20 stories underground at the Camo® Hunting Galleria, Arcade and Grill or something. Rom was molting live, and his flag-decked leather was weaving unions with his own tissue as he waxed doggerel re selling yr soul and yr skulls. He's finishing a new audio novella/exospective/record/whatever called Techno Punk in Drag or Spirit of Romance or something and this raw wet footage finds CH demonstrating some of that for us. Some say "wow", others leave because they are having a panic attack. So come see the ROM and the Punks On Mars and other wild flowers deliver these experiences in realtime at the Ratgum and RomCom HQ slash altburban sunhut, THIS SATURDAY(tomorrow). I will drive you. This video goes out to you.
The song is called "(Just Tell Em) Give U A Break", and my number is 678-362-1210.