Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night of the Halen Hawk

The Pleasure: The Hawk has landed, the Halen is in position, ten-four. Everyone has fireworks coming out of their chests like with the new video; they say it's "Panic in Plainview Park", "the new naughty 4 NY", "a rancid racket" and all the rest. Nobody does it like Ry├ín "Punks On Mars® Program" 3D blasting a seven string dooky shred, and Raunchy Rancid Rom-CH torching the beats and sirens. Like breaking through the walls to beat the alarm at yr local SoftStop® mnemonic software distributor, getting what's in the master register AND nabbing a new Dextro® synglove——this piece is an outrageous feeling, a thing that explodes inside, a great sensation you didn't know you were waiting for. This song is about balance, during night missions and in life in general.

Hawk & A Halen brought to you by Realtime's Rush

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Transmission 2 any consuming riders out there:
If you want a Rider's Choice tape, all you need to do is send a message and/or poopal 5 USD to this synthetic address: TEENAGECOP@GMAIL.COM
If you want the whole thing digitally for totally FREE, then just message me up and I will send you a link lickity split with either the tracks split up discman-appropro style, or in two long parts, ala the sides of the tape [your choice which, duh].

I hope you choose the choice and celebrate the chance to deep relate on the cybernetic interstate.
Communicate with the teenage cop, and enjoy another piece of the transmission if you don't already have the whole datum:
Ride On [excerpt] by CH-Rom