Monday, June 21, 2010

Luke Perry: Brainwave's Rerun Crunch

A real TV tube-ride for the toasted, brought to you in part by Spelling Discs and El Tule Tapes. This one is ABsolutely bursting with crew-cut cameos and spellbound riffologists totally waxed out in Luke's image. "Stolen copies have made their way into the hands of cops seeking to prosecute Perry on charges of 'attempts to get kids to dose their parents and turn them into jello-molds,'" reports Pigout Magazine. Some assembly required. contact to keep your tape head satisfied. $5 ppd.

Twins/Luke Perry: GUTS

Twins and Luke Perry face off, which one is which? they probably can't even tell after all the burgers they wolfed down. This cassette is an exploration of dollar menu dreams across the nation... listeners will totally fiend to spoil their dinners with a 12 gauge bucket of chicken nugget right to their brains. email to grip and rip. I'm lovin' it. $5 ppd.