Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rom @ the 3rd Sensation

Installment the Third and Final of local (to the net and all provinces) dj Rom_Com's Sensationals® trilologie is here. Here's high hopes to you jacking all night long. A digital cheers to the datum that makes you scream.
Get it and give a shout if you want the identity of the harvested personae. This one is for the hardcore dependents---all of you out there who need that groove to move, who crave the beat to bleat, basically anybody who needs more peak for yr tweak.
This is a mix of body and mind, environment and spirit, bubble and rip, grub and grip, and it's been specially designed for work and workout bike alike. Remember to always to jack hard and never be afraid to dance on all fours.

get Totally Totally the mix (Rom_Com Sensationals Vol. 3)

woops, almost forgot>> 'features': Evelyn Champagne King, Model 500, Laid Back, Joe Smooth, and so-much-more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yes MIND RIPPERS "oh yes"

The moment someone, somewhere may have been waiting for...

It's totally here...
Mind Rippers. The object of affection is the self-titled and self-sustaining powerproject trio of the prince of Punks On Mars, the ravishing Rom, and lighting ray aka 'Speculator', whose humble LA abode hosted these glimmering, glammering, hammering jams.
We had to hack the Mainframe of Discovery in Echo Park to get the data happening here, and got voted three-way-tie-style number one in angel city for spontaneous corporate innovation. Barb says put that in yr skull and burn it.

Below, our beloved: one piece 'you' haven't heard yet, and one possibly familiar to our special bleeding heart fans out there.
If you want the whole thing digitally, it's totally free you just gotta hit me up @ TEENAGECOP@GMAIL.COM and I'll send you the link; also hit me up if you want one of these beautiful looking/feeling tape copies, which are 'just' a cool 5 USD (7 for international orders).

"American Rip" (excerpt) by Mind Rippers

"Backdraft" by Mind Rippers

Friday, April 1, 2011

(introducing) Rom_Com Sensationals®

The flesh cries out as the soul burns, digital mountains of the mind a-glow with fevershakes and 3D raunchola. It's the middle of the night and somebody just popped in one of the latest special deliveries from local net favorite trans-spiritualist houser dj Rom_Com. The sultan of sensual, the colossus of claps, the homebrew king, the one and only-infrequently-cloned....human populace, rejoice because the netscape is aflame and you will never feel cold again. This is the first and second in trilologie of body-mind-soul-oriented mixes, intended for housin yr body and housin yr whole being. Also great for driving hard, for boosting mom's ride and reaching liftoff speed en route to a blindfolded Battle:BK screening (the audio is tremendous). Unlike other alleged mixes on which you may have spent your hardearned time, these give back beyond yr investment. No samples or small taste to offer, this is a straight-to-brain release. Suffice it to say that Evelyn is king and you have to jack as well as you type. To grip, just 'download' below, and if you want the informatics, just hit me up @t TEENAGECOP@gmail and I'll spill my guts.

Vol. 1 of the Sensationals® Trilologie: "M0re & M0re Mix"'
features: Human League, Captain Jack, Juan Atkins, Alisha... AND MORE

Vol. 2 of the Sensationals® Trilologie: "Can't U C? The Digital Flesh mix"
features: Todd Terry, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Shur, ESG... AND MORE