Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night of the Halen Hawk

The Pleasure: The Hawk has landed, the Halen is in position, ten-four. Everyone has fireworks coming out of their chests like with the new video; they say it's "Panic in Plainview Park", "the new naughty 4 NY", "a rancid racket" and all the rest. Nobody does it like Ry├ín "Punks On Mars® Program" 3D blasting a seven string dooky shred, and Raunchy Rancid Rom-CH torching the beats and sirens. Like breaking through the walls to beat the alarm at yr local SoftStop® mnemonic software distributor, getting what's in the master register AND nabbing a new Dextro® synglove——this piece is an outrageous feeling, a thing that explodes inside, a great sensation you didn't know you were waiting for. This song is about balance, during night missions and in life in general.

Hawk & A Halen brought to you by Realtime's Rush

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