Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yes MIND RIPPERS "oh yes"

The moment someone, somewhere may have been waiting for...

It's totally here...
Mind Rippers. The object of affection is the self-titled and self-sustaining powerproject trio of the prince of Punks On Mars, the ravishing Rom, and lighting ray aka 'Speculator', whose humble LA abode hosted these glimmering, glammering, hammering jams.
We had to hack the Mainframe of Discovery in Echo Park to get the data happening here, and got voted three-way-tie-style number one in angel city for spontaneous corporate innovation. Barb says put that in yr skull and burn it.

Below, our beloved: one piece 'you' haven't heard yet, and one possibly familiar to our special bleeding heart fans out there.
If you want the whole thing digitally, it's totally free you just gotta hit me up @ TEENAGECOP@GMAIL.COM and I'll send you the link; also hit me up if you want one of these beautiful looking/feeling tape copies, which are 'just' a cool 5 USD (7 for international orders).

"American Rip" (excerpt) by Mind Rippers

"Backdraft" by Mind Rippers

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