Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Songs From The Roof/ 3rd Grade Sex Spree

Geist comes right to yr domecile with customized made-for-livingroom frequencies; another sticky gem spun from the roof of their Brooklyn cabin and captured in full one-track monoreel glory. That's right, it only takes one channel for these gentle gentlemen to get their feelings across; and men they may be, but the spirit has no gender, and the voice has no single origin. When the overexciting deathsex revolution sets in, Geist will be performing atop the tallest most erect urban structure to transmit the heartbeat of the deepest lowestdown soils and oils. Ugly Face® is the night's host, and he's serving up some fine-form 2011 Geist splatter with "Vicious Love". Enjoy, or die.
Vicious Love by CH-Rom

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