Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Oh, the fumes! Dig this special delivery of the stinkiest order: CH Rom and the CH Rom Band's Cosmic Dooky is now available for purchase or loan.  It is a compact disc packed to the brim and stuffed to the diaper-seams with action, reaction and emotion. A half-hour and 9 (nine) songs about lovers, fiends, hippies, slobs, yuppies, punks, moms and dads.
Featuring the physical and spiritual labor of:
CH Rom Himself
Bob "Andrea" Kat
KF (or "KZ" for short) Boohoo
Roxy Hilton
Joe "Call Me" Miller-Gamble

Cosmic Dooky is a labor of love we are proud to see finally baked and bedazzled.  The sound has been digested and processed to perverted perfection by the inimitable artist and sculptor C Powers, and the package product has been dusted and greased by CH Rom Himself® and features the visual talents of Jake Braff, Katherine Finkelstein, Amanda Lanning and Sophie Stone. Package comes with scrumptious poster (small but great!) and full lyrics (unabridged).
Look at this depraved plaidhep beatslob chewing on the product in all its glitz:

Cosmic Dooky (yes!) can be purchased or loaned by contacting Rom through his computer at teenagecop@gmail.com or through his portable landline at (678) 362 1210.
Let us celebrate the last gasp of '13 with a fresh taste.
Enjoy the crisp, re-Saran®wrapped "Dear Community" redux:

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