Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming Attractions...

Get ready for OUTER SPACE JUNK, the new eyeball popping 3D release from Ryan Howe (of Luke Perry and Eyelids from Mars fame) brought to you on wax by Jimmy Ferraro's AIRHEAD ENTERTAINMENT. Recorded at the Chelsea Hotel while shooting Surge and huffing hair gel fumes after riding the subways all night, Outer Space Junk is the document of a lost middle school glitter punk from out of this world coping with a fast food planet. Sing along with mutated cartoon frogs with inflated collagen lips in leather jackets while RyGuy wails away on the air guitar...race to the stars on a chrome angel with a V8 in your head...cut class and do the digi bop in the tomagotchi pet cemetery ...croon at the moon while a nightmare buzz fizzles to life in your head...


Oh and while you wait check out some outtake bloopers from the making of "Outer Space Junk"

Junk from outer space by

three headed night by

OH MY GOD AND THERE'S MORE!! Check out a free download holiday grip of Luke Perry's Brainwave's Rerun Crunch...available on cassette, delivered by Chris Kringle down your chimney with a stinky lump of coal and a booger wiped on it


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